mandag 23. mars 2015


In one week, my really good friend Jillian is visiting me from LA, and we have an exciting easter/spring break ahead of us! We're going to London and Paris! Aah, I haven't been to either for years, and I'm really excited to experience both cities as an adult! 



søndag 8. mars 2015

I've got the blues

Let's take a moment and talk about blues....

My favorite color: blues in all different hues. This season's hot color, and I intend to wear it as much as possible! I recently purchased this stunning coat from H&M, and cannot WAIT to wear it! I'm saving it for real spring weather and honestly, it's starting to look a lot like it here in Oslo. 


lørdag 21. februar 2015


Hey angels! I just got home to Sandefjord for the weekend because my dad just turned 50, and we're celebrating with the family! My mom and I went to Gokstad Haugen - a known landmark in our hometown, and is actually a grave to a famous Viking Ship called Gokstadskipet (Gokstadship) and the grave is actually on the property of my grandparents farm (Gokstadfarm) my last name is Gogstad, but the farm and place (and ship) has a K instead of the G. Don't know why, but it does. It feels good coming home knowing there is such an historical place so close to my family. 

Sitting in front of the grave"hill" and behind it, is my grandparents farm. 

All the cool kids are jumping with their Nike sneakers.... so I had to.

I'm obsessed with my Nike Airmax Thea (from my work, you can find them here ) 

 Details/Wearing: jeans+coat/Zara, sweater/H&M, bag/Urban Outfitters, necklace/Topshop

I've really been in a silver mood lately 

(if you can't tell, I was freezing my butt off! Even though the snow is almost completely gone, the temperature is still mean)

Have a wonderful weekend, angels!