mandag 29. juni 2015


 Wearing: jeans/Zara, top/Bik bok, hat/Accessories, shoes/Steve Madden 

Hey Angels!

I have been looking for the perfect white peasant blouse - like this one I found at Bik Bok for yeears, so imagine my excitement when I finally found one... And now you can get them everywhere.  

I'm really loving white and blue these days.. During the summer, it feels good to wear something other than black and dark colors all the time. Blue and white will definitely be the main colors for the summer in my wardrobe! 


tirsdag 23. juni 2015


Wearing: pants & blazer/Zara, top/bik Bok, sandals/Birkenstock

Ok, so normally I don't bite into the whole country-or-city-name-clothing thing, but for LA (and nyc) I'll make an exception.. And because it has a Dodger logo and my lucky number on the back, I could't resist this top I got from Bik Bok.. sorry-not-sorry. 

Mandatory whenever wearing a shirt that says LA... 

mandag 22. juni 2015

Memories Part 2

Ok, I just have to say before I begin this line of photos.. The second year I lived in my very OWN apartment, and Emily - if you're reading this, I want you to know that the fact that you helped me land that apartment, you made my second year and my life so much better! <3

Signed. Best feeling ever. 

Everything at Joan's on Third...  

Driving up and down Sunset blvd everyday 

This woman - my LA mommy for life.

Decorating my new apartment

... And throwing parties in it and playing hostess

Fresh and beautiful flowers everywhere

Every view of the city is just... <3

My LA sister

This day and this girl..

California sunsets... 

Sayers nights with these babes

Having this beautiful girl in my life until she moved to Florida..

Classes would've been so boring without these weirdoes

Actually FINISHING this miniature set in 1'4" scale...

Endless girls nights out


Let's go party at Aisha's!

17. Mai celebration - again! This time I brought my swedish meatballs along with me

Hollywood forever cemetery screenings.. one of my favorite things to do!

Witnessing my friend Ali's first swim suit show - you may of heard of a little swimwear brand called KAOHS

Reuniting with this girl when she moved to LA from NYC

Empa og Ampa (like Philip likes to call them) coming "home" for a visit :)

Urth cafe and this girl

Watching baby Greyson growing up <3

The view from Runyon never getting old..

The pink/violet trees all surrounding the city

 Finishing our window installation at FIDM

Goofing around at the Grove with J <3

Robyn and Røyksopp concert at Hollywood Bowl and my favorite beer Blue Moon

Dinners/girls nights with these two

The beautiful nature surrounding the city

This on my street..

 Staycations at vineyards a drive away..

My parents visiting - and meeting my other LA parents :) 

The BEST birthday dinner ever - with every single one that matters (missing the other girls in the photo)

GRADUATING with honers from my dream school FIDM - a degree in Visual Communications and a little over 2 years in the City of Dreams <3 Lalaland will always be my second home.