torsdag 8. oktober 2015


I love texture. The ability to fool the eye and make it think it's looking at something different than what it actually is. Texture is art. 

onsdag 7. oktober 2015

Plaid X Lace

 I found these pictures yesterday from this summer that I completely forgot about! Again - the tanning-game was so weak this summer, so excuse my see-through skin color.. But I do love how green our yard was. 

Wearing: shirt & shorts/Zara, bag/Beck Söndegård, Nike kicks and RayBans 

torsdag 1. oktober 2015

Those Summer Nights

 My beautiful friends

Sunbathing.. (only one week out of the summer was actually warm enough to tan)

Birthday details

My 24th birthday party

One of the best weekends of the summer: at my summer house with my girls<3

Visiting Malin in Stockholm

Summer details 

Göteborg with my parents 

Botanical garden in Göteborg 

Magdalena's backyard birthday

 My dad taking a selfie with the fam.. 

The last two ones celebrating my grandfather turing 83! I love my family so much <3

This was my first summer living in Oslo, and even though I worked most of if, I did have two weeks off where I traveled a little and got to spend some time at our summer house and in my home town to see my family and have lazy summer nights with wine and girls. The weather could've been warmer though.. I'm definitely missing the LA heat every day!


mandag 29. juni 2015


 Wearing: jeans/Zara, top/Bik bok, hat/Accessories, shoes/Steve Madden 

Hey Angels!

I have been looking for the perfect white peasant blouse - like this one I found at Bik Bok for yeears, so imagine my excitement when I finally found one... And now you can get them everywhere.  

I'm really loving white and blue these days.. During the summer, it feels good to wear something other than black and dark colors all the time. Blue and white will definitely be the main colors for the summer in my wardrobe!