torsdag 23. oktober 2014

Trendsetting: Capes

Capes is huge this fall, and here are some favorites that are a little different. This is a great way to be a little playful with colors and bold patterns. 

1. Roberto Cavalli here, 2. Vivienne Westwood here, 3. Burberry here, 4. Burberry Prorsum here, 5. Ted Baker here.

This is how the It-girls wear capes.. Olivia Palermo in Burberry Prorsum, Miroslava Duma in A.W.A.K.E and Chiara Ferragni in Louis Vuitton. All rockin tigh-high and sexy boots.  

I want one.. or three.

tirsdag 21. oktober 2014

Fall Wants: Outerwear

Hello Angels! I just moved back to Norway and Oslo, and it's really getting chillier here.. It's different than hot LA, I'll tell you that. But I don't mind, because fall is one of my favorite fashion seasons! And here are three of my favorite color-schemes as far as jackets/coats I will be looking for this season. A girl can dream, can't she? 

 1. Leather with fur biker here, 2. Suede fur trimmed biker here, 3. Wool coat here, 4. Faux fur coat here

 1. Blush suede biker here, 2. Pink wool biker here, 3. Blush wool coat here, 4. Pink cashmere coat here

1. Off white wool coat here, 2. White cashmere cape here, 3. Off white shearling gilet here, 4. White shearling jacket here

søndag 7. september 2014

Beyond the water

I've gotta say.. I feel like I've seen most of LA's beautiful nature.. Palm trees, mountains, the ocean etc, but this - this waterfall in the middle of the desert (kinda) in Eaton Canyon park in Pasadena was this most amazing waterfall. Although it was small, and the actual fall was more like a drip, it was mesmerizing and magical. 

I mean, next time I'll definitely wear hiking gear and not suede leather sandals etc, but these pictures wouldn't look this cool if I had - right? Yes, people thought we were crazy and probably retarded when we walked around wearing "regular" clothes with make up and hair done. But anyhow, the pictures turned out awesome.